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Water changes everything.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #8

"Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all."

Many still do not have access to clean & safely managed water and facilities. Here are what the UN lists as "the facts" -

  • In 2015, 29 per cent of the global population lacked safely managed drinking water supplies, and 61 per cent were without safely managed sanitation services. In 2015, 892 million people continued to practise open defecation.
  • In 2015, only 27 per cent of the population in LDCs had basic handwashing facilities.
  • Preliminary estimates from household data of 79 mostly high- and high-middle-income countries (excluding much of Africa and Asia) suggest that 59 per cent of all domestic wastewater is safely treated.
  • In 22 countries, mostly in the Northern Africa and Western Asia region and in the Central and Southern Asia region, the water stress level is above 70 per cent, indicating the strong probability of future water scarcity.
  • In 2017–2018, 157 countries reported average implementation of integrated water resources management of 48 per cent.
  • Based on data from 62 out of 153 countries sharing transboundary waters, the average percentage of national transboundary basins covered by an operational arrangement was only 59 per cent in 2017.

Water for South Sudan

Is a non-profit organization founded by Salva Dut to provide South Sudan with access to clean water and hygiene education.


The estimated amount of people in South Sudan who lacked access to a clean water supply in 2015 was:



Yes, you read that right.
Over 5 million lacked access in 2015.

How to Help

There are ways to help, here are some:

Organize a fundraiser.

Raise money for an non-profit such as Water for South Sudan. WFSS provides materials for schools and individuals to get started. Other non-profits will more than likely provide similar materials.

Spread the message.

Make a post about it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Share this page, the WFSS website, or whatever the case may be with your followers, family, friends, classmates, whoever! In whatever way you can, spread the message!

Start a conversation.

Much like the last suggestion, this one kind of ties into that! Bring up a conversation at the dinner table with family, or while you're in the car with friends. Perhaps you will come up with a way to help on your own doing this?